Co-author of the research titled ” A Double Transition for Growth: the Case of Succession and Digital Transformation in Thailand Family Owned Businesses“, together with Antonio Crupi, Pietro Borsano, Veronica Marozzo and Alberto Di Minin

Co-author or the research titled “Future STEAMpreneurs: using creative ecosystems for educating “antidisciplinary wrong thinking strange makers” together with Monika Petraite, Aiste Vaisnore, Iulduz Khairullina, Kumar Baibhaw, Brigita Janiunaite, Daria Podmetina, Anne Berthinier-Poncet, Yvonne Kirkels

Attendance of the “Join the MED Ambassadors Foreseeing a Better World (session 332)” Professional Development Workshop with a short speech titled “Challenges & Opportunities between Milano and Chongqing – An Italian PhD student journey in China

Presentation of the research titled “Digital Transformation and Digital Dynamic Capabilities improvement in Low Medium Technology Sector: evidence from Thai family firms” (Winner of the Best Presenter Award)

Participation as ArtIST Team dissemination manager in the Workshop titled “Creativity in Borderline situations: FLUXUS art (anti art) tools for boosting Innovation and Forward thinking

Research paper titled “The impact of Chinese megaprojects and tourism in strengthening relations between Africa and China. An analysis through case studies

Research paper titled “China Robotics Rise – Policies, actors and unicorns”

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