The Role of Cooperation between China and Italy. The case study of China Eastern Airlines (CEA)’s Development in Italy (available for download here)


Yang, L.; Menegazzi, S.; Franco, S.; Crupi, A.; Bonaglia, M.; Vallini, L.; Cao, X. M. (2021), On China-Italy Cooperation in Civil Aviation and Tourism Sectors in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative, in “Blue book of Italy – Annual Development Report of Italy (2020-2021)”, Social Sciences Academic Press: 202-219


1 – R&D Management Conference 2022 “Innovation for people and territories”, at University of Trento. Trento, Italy

  • Co-author of the paper titled ” A Double Transition for Growth: the Case of Succession and Digital Transformation in Thailand Family Owned Businesses“, together with Antonio Crupi, Pietro Borsano, Veronica Marozzo and Alberto Di Minin
  • Co-author or the paper titled “Future STEAMpreneurs: using creative
    ecosystems for educating “antidisciplinary wrong thinking strange makers” together with Monika Petraite, Aiste Vaisnore, Iulduz Khairullina, Kumar Baibhaw, Brigita Janiunaite, Daria Podmetina, Anne Berthinier-Poncet, Yvonne Kirkels

2 – 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) 5-9 August, Seattle, Washington, USA/4-10 August, Virtual Platform

Attendence of the “Join the MED Ambassadors Foreseeing a Better World (session 332)” Professional Development Workshop with a short speech titled “Challenges & Opportunities between Milano and Chongqing – An Italian PhD student journey in China”