My name is Marco and I am currently a PhD candidate in Business Administration at Chongqing University, People’s Republic of China. I previously got a degree in Political Science  and a BA in Foreign Languages at the Catholic University of Milan (where I studied English and Chinese).

I am based in Chongqing, a Chinese metropolis full of opportunities in the Western part of the country. Before coming to China I had lived in Milan for the past four years, and I also I took the chance to spend some months in North Carolina, New York City, Beijing, and Bruxelles. Thanks to these trips and experiences  I have been fully commited to underline the importance of differences in the contemporary globalized world. They should be preserved, because they make every relationship deeper and more interesting and enrich people’s life, wherever they could be. For this reason I am a proud citizen of the European Union, the place where differente cultures, languages and histories become one.

In the past three years I turned my passion for China into a job. It all started with an internship at the Italy China Foundation in Milan, during which I wrote some articles for the “Focus China” project. Later I worked for the International Relations Office of the Cabinet of the Mayor of Milan, dealing in particular with research on China in view of Expo 2015. After graduation I returned to the Foundation, to work on the “China Awards 2016” project, which resulted in an intense and unforgettable experience. Since the beginning of 2017, I have been a Teaching assistant at Catholic University of Milan for the course of  “History and Geoeconomy: the economic development of China”.